Joe Chang Go Live with Dian 

Welcome to my Go Live Video Series where I feature different professionals and ideas to help young people!


Young people have always been seen as exhibiting risky behaviors as they explore their sexuality. Do you find yourself in unchartered territories as you work with them? Tongue Tied? Do you struggle when your clients talk about their sexuality in the sessions? Not sure what to say? Join us live to learn tips and strategies around addressing sexuality issues with your clients.


In this session, I will explore with Dian Handayani who is a sex and art therapist. Dian provides strengths based, trauma-informed sex therapy and art psychotherapy services for adults and couples of all genders and orientations. Her work in sexual health focuses on sexual difficulties including sexual pain, libido issues, erectile difficulties, unconsummated marriages and relationship issues. Dian completed the Masters in HIV, STI and Sexual Health Counselling from Sydney University in 2019. She has recently completed Level 1 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

- Joe Chan

Originally posted on FaceBook on 12 March 2022

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