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Below are a selected list of my press and media appearances, enjoy!



When ‘Sexual Assault’ is a Mutually Pleasurable Kink, That’s CNC

28 October 2022

(Trigger Warning) - Not a One-Size-Fits-All. Granted, there’s very little discussion and research on CNC as a therapeutic kink. Dian Handayani, a sex therapist and the director of trauma-informed psychological therapy service Nambani, cautions that this might not be fitting for all SA survivors. “Especially in the early phases of trauma recovery, PTSD symptoms such as dissociation and flashbacks might be present. They can be very destabilising,” Dian cautions. She went on to forewarn that the last thing anyone wants is to recreate those triggering scenes that an SA survivor and their play partner might not be equipped to deal with. “However,” Dian admits, “it can be empowering and cathartically fulfilling at later phases when done right.” With informed consent, negotiation, clear insights around their trauma triggers, and the ability to cope with them, Dian believes survivors can even navigate potentially triggering scenes.

Dating: Should you watch porn with your partner?

14 September 2022

We often hear that porn use in a relationship can be damaging. Introducing porn into a relationship could lead to jealousy issues and other intimacy problems. So, it took me by surprise then when a friend asked if she should watch porn with her partner in a bid to ignite their intimacy and improve their relationship.

Art Therapy and The Care Collection - In Conversation with Art Therapist Dian Handayani

9 October 2022

National Gallery Singapore and Singapore Art Museum recently teamed up to develop The Care Collection: Caring through the Arts. The Care Collection draws from the collection of both museums to provide a selection of artworks based on seven themes—courage, connection/disconnection, resilience, hope, growth, self-love/self-compassion and being in the present.

Let art relax you: Some museums here have angled offerings on the themes of self-care, mindfulness

18 September 2022

SINGAPORE - "Let go of everything around you and focus on this artwork." This is the refrain that runs through the National Gallery Singapore's Slow Art programme, which applies the principles of mindfulness to art appreciation.

The Art of Self-Care

29 August 2019

Do you feel exhausted all the time? Do little annoyances anger you easily? Do you no longer find joy in the work that you once loved? If you answered "yes" to these questions then you may be suffering from burnout. Learn about how you can prevent burnout with the self-care activities shared by Dian Handayani, Art Therapist from SGH's Department of Psychology.

“I’m not an art teacher!”
There is no right or wrong in art therapy

30 October 2018

Parents ask me if art therapy can improve their children’s art. And I have lost count of patients who say their art “cannot make it”. Some of them even pretend to fall asleep the moment I enter the ward for an art therapy session.

Colour a kid's world - and help him heal through art

10 April 2018

Colour a kid's world - and help him heal through art. Art therapy is gaining popularity here as a form of help for kids undergoing life-changing or difficult experiences.

The Art of Healing

1 January 2017

Through art and cultural exchange platform CausewayEXchange, the Singapore International Foundation brought Singaporean and Malaysian communities together to explore the role of the arts in promoting healing. Singapore and Malaysia share deep historical, social and cultural ties. An annual art platform, called CausewayEXchange (CEX), seeks to deepen this connection through artistic and cultural exchange.

Pakar bantu gadis atasi isu penampilan fizikal melalui terapi seni

28 September 2016

Menghasilkan seni dikatakan mampu meningkatkan kesedaran diri dan orang di sekeliling, selain mempromosikan pembangunan diri, meningkatkan kemahiran daya tahan semasa berhadapan krisis serta memperbaiki fungsi kognitif. Apakah antara jenis seni yang dimaksudkan sebagai terapeutik dan siapakah yang patut memanfaatkannya?

​Eating Disorders: Benefits of Art Therapy

1 January 2014

Dian Handayani, from the Department of Psychiatry, Singapore General Hospital shares how art therapy helps individuals with eating disorder.



20 March 2020

SNSA recording on male sexual health featuring : Dian Handayani, Sex Therapist; Dr Ravi, Neurologist; Dr Ng Tze Kiat, Urologist; Aloysius Chan, Physiotherapist

12 March 2022

Young people have always been seen as exhibiting risky behaviors as they explore their sexuality. Do you find yourself in unchartered territories as you work with them? Tongue Tied? Do you struggle when your clients talk about their sexuality in the sessions? Not sure what to say? Join us live to learn tips and strategies around addressing sexuality issues with your clients.
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