What is art therapy ?

​An internationally recognised and regulated profession, art therapy or art psychotherapy is a type of psychological treatment that uses visual art making within a therapeutic relationship. The sessions are conducted in a safe and nurturing environment, supported by your trained therapist. 

Art therapy can help you to address issues and challenges in life and at work. Examples include self esteem, perfectionism, relationships issues, body confidence, personal or professional growth and life transition concerns. Art therapy can also help to promote your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

At Nambani, our art therapy approach is integrative, strengths-based and trauma informed. We draw expertise from art therapy, Jungian psychology, gestalt and Somatic Experiencing©  techniques. 

Paint Brushes with Paint on Them

Benefits of art therapy?

There are times when we feel stuck, stagnant and lacking direction. Art therapy provides you with a safe space to explore and resolve inner conflicts and increase your resources for coping with change. The process of art therapy can promote increased self-awareness around issues and move you towards new meaning in life. 

Other valuable benefits of art therapy include: 

  • Help identifying issues and concerns

  • Understanding blockers of emotional expression

  • Increasing your ability to communicate your feelings and needs

  • Aiding personal growth

  • Discovering and adopting healthy coping skills

  • Exploring your creativity and imagination

  • Nurturing self-esteem and confidence

What do art therapy sessions look like?

Your art therapy sessions will be in a safe, private and comfortable setting.

The art therapy process begins with an assessment and goal setting phase where we discuss your issues, objectives, and our confidentiality agreement. The first session is a good time for you to get to know your therapist better and decide whether there is a good fit . Thereafter, depending on your needs, we might encourage you to create art spontaneously or give you a theme that to explore. Art making is followed by sharing and reflection, where we process your artwork and the experience of creating it.

In between sessions, your might be assigned home exercises such as art journaling, to complete in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You are encouraged to speak up when feeling uncomfortable with any aspect of the therapy at any point.

Progress depends on your commitment and level of participation. The frequency of sessions will depend on your needs and issues. The more you put into the therapy, the higher chance to achieve your goals.

Brush Strokes
Old Globe

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm no good at art?

Anyone can engage in art therapy! No artistic skills are required, and it's not an art class. We will support you in exploring your own unique ways to connect and express your creativity, imagination and self.

Can you tell what my artwork is all about?

No, we are not equipped with mind reading abilities! Art therapists respect that everyone has their own stories, background, personality and individual ways to express themselves. Your artwork is uniquely you, and the art therapist's role is to help you reflect and find your own meaning through the art and the art making process. 

What will happen to my artworks?

Confidentiality is critical in our work. Your art might express deep thoughts and feelings. Artwork created in the sessions will be kept safely and confidentially by your art therapist for the duration of your therapy. We will return all artworks to you on request or when your  therapy ends.

Is an art therapist an art teacher?

Art therapists are mental health professionals trained at the masters degree level in psychological theories, clinical practice, human development and the healing properties of art. We are concerned with what your art expresses and the process of art making, not grading the standard of your work.

I am interested in art therapy

Please complete our Enquiry Form and we will contact you within 3 working days. Our art therapy fees starts at $215 for a 50 minutes session.