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What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy, also called sex psychotherapy, is a form of talk therapy that helps individuals and couples manage their sexual and related issues and problems, performance anxiety, mismatched libido or relationship issues.

At Nambani, sessions are conducted by a qualified and trained sex therapist. Sex therapists are qualified healthcare professionals, counsellors, therapists or doctors who have undergone specific training to help clients with sexually related issues. Dian graduated in 2018 from the University of Sydney with an MScMed, HIV, STI and Sexual Health (Counselling Pathway), specialisation in Medicine (HIV, STI and Sexual Health) and Counselling. She provided therapy for the men's sexual wellness clinic at Singapore General Hospital in  2020.

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Who can benefit from 
sex therapy?

It is very common to encounter sexual issues at some time in life. Sex therapy may help address these issues and avoid the distress and discontent that can result. Issues that can benefit from sex therapy :

Sex education:

  • Understanding and exploring sexual self or partner

  • Understand your body and how it responds to pleasure and sex

  • Becoming a better lover

Understanding and overcoming barriers that block your ability to enjoy sex and sensuality, such as:

  • Issues with body image, acceptance and comfort

  • Overcoming sexual shame 

  • Gaining insights into body awareness and sensation that can enhance self-esteem and great sex. 

  • Understanding your desire pattern. Working on miss-match sexual desire, feeling and accepting desire when it comes towards you. 

  • Struggling and feeling anxious with communicating sexual wants, rights and desires

  • Learning how to ask for what you want

  • Working on boundaries in a relationship and sex. How to establish clear boundaries without losing oneself in the process. 

  • Ageing-related issues (menopause, erectile issues)

Sexual Dysfunctions and Problems:

  • Erectile difficulties (early & delayed ejaculation/inability to ejaculate)

  • Difficulty in achieving orgasm (pre-orgasmic) and sexual pleasure

  • Painful intercourse (Vaginismus)

  • Vulva pain (Dyspareunia)

  • Navigating libido differences (Mis-matched libido and low libido)


  • Enhancing fun and playful sex in a long-term (or new) relationship. Let’s bring the spark back in between the sheet!

  • Strengthening intimacy and connection to yourself and your partner(s)

  • Discovering and understanding your partner's unique erotic map

  • Increase pleasure in lovemaking

  • Managing sexual and relationship trauma

  • Reclaiming intimacy after an affair

  • Take some risks and explore your wildest sexual fantasies (and kinks)

  • We support Kink, Poly / Non-monogamy and LGBTIQ

  • Sexual orientation issues

What do sex therapy sessions
look like?

It is normal to feel nervous when meeting a sex therapist since discussing sexual issues with strangers may be awkward. We will help to make you feel comfortable.


Therapy begins with a thorough assessment and goal setting discussion and signing the confidentiality agreement. The therapist may start with questions about your health, sexual background, beliefs about sex and sexual concerns. Depending on your issues, the therapist may recommend referral to a specialised doctor or other healthcare professional. 

In between sessions, you may be assigned homework or exercises to complete in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You are encouraged to speak up when feeling uncomfortable with any aspect of the therapy.

Success will depend on your commitment and level of participation. The frequency of sessions will depend on your needs and issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does treatment take?

Depending on your goals and presenting issues, sex therapy can range from a single session to an ongoing program. Sessions typically last from 50 to 80 min.

What are the boundaries in sex therapy?

Sex therapy DOES NOT involve any physical or sexual contact. Therapy sessions are conducted in the safety of our office. You can choose to attend alone or with your partner.

What about LGBTIQ couples?

Nambani is an inclusive practice for all genders, orientations and identities and we are trained and open to support all lovers to fully live their sexuality. 

What happens if I have a medical issue related to my sexual  concerns/ health issues?

I believe in the holistic approach to sexual health concerns/issues. Many factors can contribute to your concerns, including your body and medical conditions, the relationship dynamic, culture and even spirituality. With my extensive network of clinicians and practitioners, including doctors, physio, occupational therapists, etc. - I may refer you to them if such needs arise.

Is medication a substitute for sex therapy?

Indeed medication can be a powerful ally and tool to help you with your sexual concerns. Nevertheless, medication alone may not be able to fully address sexual issues caused by emotions, thoughts and relationship dynamics around sexual situations. This is something that sex therapy or relationship counselling maybe able to help with.

Do I need to be in a relationship to be in sex therapy?

Not at all. Without the added pressure of a relationship, sex therapy can be a great way to explore and understand more of your sexual self. A foundation of great sex lies in understanding and knowing "thyself" first.

Oh and... If I am in a relationship, should my partner come in too?

We believe in the ripple effect of change and that every small step towards change can positively affect the relationship. Of course, we welcome couples, provided your partner consents and is ready to join you in the session. However, we also understand that it may not be possible for them to come in - in this case, let's work with you first.

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I am interested in sex therapy

You may start by completing the Enquiry form. We  will contact you within 3 working days. Our sex therapy fees starts at $215 for a 50 minutes session. 

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