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Dating: Why the meet-cute may not be as advertised

By Arika Kim / Yahoo! Life

Are meet-cutes overrated? What happens after a rom-com moment is more important. (Photo: Getty Images)

If you’re a romantic comedy junkie (like me), you’ve probably heard of a meet-cute and watched it happen countless times in various films and series.

In the 1999 film Notting Hill, British bookstore owner Will (played by Hugh Grant) was reintroduced to American actress Anna (played by Julia Roberts) when he bumps into her and accidentally spills orange juice down her top. Will then invites Anna back to his to wash up, allowing them to get to know each other better.

In the 2022 Netflix film You People, Ezra (played by Jonah Hill) gets into a Volkswagen Beetle thinking it is his Uber ride. The automobile in question, in fact, belonged to Amira (played by Lauren London), who had issues navigating traffic and needed a place to park and orientate. To make it up to Amira, Ezra offers to give her driving direction in exchange for dropping him off. The pair subsequently end up going on a date after that encounter.

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Originally published by Yahoo! Life on 14 February 2023

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