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When ‘Sexual Assault’ is a Mutually Pleasurable Kink, That’s CNC

By Janine / RICE

Trigger warning: Article contains materials of sexual assault, mentions of rape

Not a One-Size-Fits-All


Granted, there’s very little discussion and research on CNC as a therapeutic kink. Dian Handayani, a sex therapist and the director of trauma-informed psychological therapy service Nambani, cautions that this might not be fitting for all SA survivors.

“Especially in the early phases of trauma recovery, PTSD symptoms such as dissociation and flashbacks might be present. They can be very destabilising,” Dian cautions. She went on to forewarn that the last thing anyone wants is to recreate those triggering scenes that an SA survivor and their play partner might not be equipped to deal with. 

“However,” Dian admits, “it can be empowering and cathartically fulfilling at later phases when done right.”

With informed consent, negotiation, clear insights around their trauma triggers, and the ability to cope with them, Dian believes survivors can even navigate potentially triggering scenes.

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Originally published by Rice on 28 October 2022

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