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The Power of Finding Clarity Within

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

By Dian Handayani

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Like all that sensation of hunger, it is discomforting. And there have been several points in my life where I've found myself feeling hungry for something more in life. At those points, I began to feel stuck and restless, even though my life looked swimmingly well from the outside.

In 2008, that gnawing hunger led me to art therapy and mental health. At the time, I was in the design industry, and while I loved the art of design, I was craving something more meaningful. In what Jung called synchronicity, I answered an ad about an open house to attend a master's degree in art therapy. The rest was history, and art therapy has led me to discover that hunger stems from the call to be in a field that helps others in their time of need. Indeed, I've found fulfilment in journeying with clients to overcome mental health challenges.

Then the hunger pangs came knocking again. So in 2016, I took a master's degree in sex counselling from Sydney University (now known as psychosexual therapy) and a foundation certification in Jungian psychology! That leads me to where I am now.

That hunger is fulfilled again as I've found clarity that my direction in life is to move towards sexual health and healing.

While not all hunger pangs must be filled, filling the right one can lead you to a full circle in life. In my case, the training in sexology has led me to understand why I am always fascinated by the field of sexual health.

There's a famous saying —

"Nothing bothers you more than your own mind."

You see, growing up in Indonesia, in a Muslim household and culture as a woman, messages around sexuality were somewhat mixed. I had no direct insight to understand human sexuality, let alone the tools to navigate my curiosity. All I had was Cosmopolitan magazines that I managed to secretly purchase with my pocket money, a luxury back then! With my girlfriends, we would scour the magazine, looking for answers.

Fast forward to now, and even though we now have more access to resources online, it is not any better. There is still much misinformation out there, and I find a distinct lack of focus in helping women and men who have grown up like me (hello there, Gen-X) to understand their own sexual needs.

And this is where my journey begins and where I want to step in. As a credentialed sex therapist and a sexologist, I hope to shine a light in the space of darkness with my understanding of human sexuality to dispel myths, cast away doubts and overcome the mental and emotional roadblocks of sex-related issues. Because by helping you understand the root of your sexual shame, concerns or problems in an environment that is supportive, safe, inclusive and without judgement, you are empowered to live more confidently and on your terms!

Click here to see me in action, tackling some questions on motherhood, pleasure and sexual fantasy (including Keanu Reeves)! And here, if you are on your journey to finding clarity to live a purposeful life within yourself.

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